My clinical consultation services focus on supporting organizations and teams in NURTURING GROWTH and LEADERSHIP within each person, HONORING DIVERSITY and DIVERGENCE as natural and generative processes, & BUILDING TRUST through AUTHENTICITY and VULNERABILITY.


Quality Assurance through CQI

Through the application of evidence-based continuous quality improvement (CQI) methods, I can help your organization develop and implement sound quality control practices and cultivate the values of learning, growth, development, and excellence.

Training and Development

I provide training & development opportunities in a variety of topics relevant to clinical provision of care, focused on supporting those in healing professions in their personal & professional growth and self-care. My teaching perspective includes critical reflection of systems of care and socio-cultural-political influences at play, as well as intentional integration of self-reflection and self-care.

Clinical Supervision and Effective Leadership

I incorporate diverse philosophies, methods, tools, and practices to support individuals and groups/teams in self-reflective practice, developing vulnerability-based trust, and effective non-violent communication skills.

~ with great heart  ~
I aspire to approach each experience with great heart filled with compassion for all beings and to support you in approaching your life and life cycle events with great heart filled with compassion.