Emily Megas-Russell, LICSW


photo by Ezra Distler

photo by Ezra Distler

I am a licensed psychotherapist, movement teacher, dancer, student of mindfulness and embodiment practices, non-duality practitioner and a space holder for ritual//ceremony.  I am passionate about bringing somatic meditation//movement and sacred space to support people in processing the deepest parts of ourselves and our lives.

My MISSION is to offer personally meaningful, empowering, and compassionate counseling and consultation.

My VISION is to connect people to the deepest parts of themselves, each other, and the world around us.

Click here to see my Statement of Privilege & Harm

my education and experience

Realization Process Healing Ground/Spiritual Psychotherapy Teacher Training,2019

Realization Process Embodiment Teacher Training, 2018

(visit www.realizationprocess.org to learn more about Judith Blackstone’s work, The Realization Process)

200-hr Shakti Flow Yoga Teacher Training, 2014

Columbia University School of Social Work, MSW, 2007

Since 2005, I have been supporting individuals who experience trauma, anxiety, depression, psychosis, relationship challenges and spiritual & existential crisis. I have worked in community mental health in a variety of clinical and administrative settings supporting children, adults, and families. 

My work is informed by a variety of holistic approaches including: embodied awareness, non-dual spirituality, internal family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychologyradical acceptance, emergent strategy & pleasure activism, and neurobiological & developmental theories of trauma

In therapy, I focus on the whole person (mind - body - spirit) and the multi-dimensional aspects of self.   I strive to meet my clients where they are at, compassionately creating a safe environment for self-exploration and transformation at one's own pace. 

In life cycle ceremony, I strive to co-create an opportunity to celebrate meaningful and transformative moments in the life cycle, such as birth, union, loss, death, and life transitions. I believe that creating meaningful personal ceremony is a deeply healing way to connect with ourselves, the natural and spiritual worlds, those we love, and the sacredness of our own lives. 

As an organizational consultant, I offer strategies to center authentic and attainable growth and development, quality assurance, healthy culture, and adaptive leadership.

I have a strong focus on social justice and anti-oppressive practices and celebrate each individual's unique expression of identity.  I am committed to unlearning racism, sexism, cissexism, classism and other institutional mechanisms of oppression as they appear in myself and in the field of psychotherapy. (See Statement of Privilege & Harm).

I enjoy working with people with diverse backgrounds, identities, experiences, perspectives, and needs. My practice is LGBTQIA-inclusive and all-bodies-inclusive.

Any topic, taboo, or experience is welcome within my practice. I have experience supporting people in exploring their sexuality, learning how to meet their deepest needs, and uncovering blocks to intimacy and self-expression. 

As a movement teacher, dancer, and meditator, I bring mindfulness and somatic practices into therapy to support deeper intuition and integration. These practices are optional and adaptable to any level of ability or willingness. 

My VALUES are :

~  Service  ~  Connection  ~  Diversity  ~  Compassion  ~  Access  ~

~ with great heart  ~
I aspire to approach each experience with great heart filled with compassion for all beings and to support you in approaching your life and life cycle events with great heart filled with compassion.