Common LIFE CYCLE EVENTS that deserve recognition and celebration include:







personal/family/group rituals and ceremonies

Ceremony for Life Cycle Events

Life cycle ceremonies are an important way to honor the sacredness in our lives and to create a powerful sense of meaning in our life experiences and transitions. 

I can work with you and your loved ones to craft and/or facilitate a ceremony to honor any life cycle event.

I take a sacred and secular approach in striving to create a ceremony that most represents your beliefs, desires, relationships, and connections.  

If you are looking for support in creating a personalized and inclusive opportunity to celebrate or honor a life experience, I would love to support you.

Contact me for a free, informal discussion to see if I may be a good fit to help you craft a meaningful, personalized ceremony!

Emily Megas-Russell, LICSW



~ with great heart  ~
I aspire to approach each experience with great heart filled with compassion for all beings and to support you in approaching your life and life cycle events with great heart filled with compassion.