with great heart

compassion-led counseling & ceremony for the life cycle

"When I started therapy I was feeling like something was lost or damaged in my heart. I didn't really know where to begin in sorting things out, but Emily's approach using Parts Work allowed me to see my anxieties using a more manageable perspective. It turns out nothing is actually broken after all!"  ~A.C.

"Emily, you held space for me in a blessing ceremony for my pregnancy with my first child. That experience brought me comfort, relief, and joy and helped me move into a profound place of love for my own body and the one growing inside me. You made the occasion relaxing and fun. Somehow, you manage to be focused and thorough yet casual and laid back at the same time. I really felt then and still feel now that you are tuned in to the people around you in a way that is special and genuine. I thank you with so much love!"  ~Stephanie

"Emily truly has a gift for holding space for ceremony.  She is able to bring in sacred elements while being very grounded and relatable.  Her strong and compassionate heart is rivaled only by her sharp mind.  Anyone would be lucky to have Emily's thoughtful, wise, and fearless space-holding for a ceremony!" ~ Taina

"I have been fortunate to have two ceremonies run by Emily. The first was my wedding. We did not ask to hear any of it before the big day and she truly moved not only my husband and me, but all of our guests too! She took time to listen and understand who we are as a couple and really made sure to express that in our ceremony. It was unique to us and we could not be happier. It was also amazing that she gave us a copy of everything that was said, so we can still look back on it today.

The second was a Women's Blessing for my upcoming birth. We had 11 of my closest ladies together, and they came together to bless not only me but the baby too! Together we built a mobile and prayer flags for the baby's room. While doing this they also pampered me with a foot bath and lots of empowering advice and words of encouragement. Then I was given time to release any of my fears about the next chapter I was going to be entering. This blessing truly my left me feeling more ready and more powerful to get through the birth."  ~ Samantha

"Emily and I co-created my wedding ceremony. Authoring the ceremony was the most fun I had in all the endless hours of wedding planning. Emily was not only open but excited about my ideas. Her advice and guidance was calming during the anxious pre-wedding time.

Most notably we opened the ceremony by calling upon the sacred directions with a communal torch lighting ceremony. My wedding was beautiful and moving, it was true to me, because Emily listens, and she listens deeply. She will help your identity and your love shine!"  ~ Amanda




~ with great heart  ~
I aspire to approach each experience with great heart filled with compassion for all beings and to support you in approaching your life and life cycle events with great heart filled with compassion.